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Trump’s Potential Trade War with China

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Donald Trump has clearly declared that his strategy is all about making America Great Again. This will include getting more economically competitive with China.

His remarks were not very well accepted by the Chinese side where a Chinese foreign ministry announced that getting back to the old ways of the cold war is currently outdated. Today, the economy is not about the zero-sum gum where the winner takes it all. He argues that unless the US proposes more cooperation and collaboration it will only harm itself.

Trump’s administration started by imposing more trade tariffs, which were soon faced by opposition especially by commercial rivals like China. Nevertheless, more bills are to be issued especially concerning intellectual property theft. Nowadays the administration is studying further imposition of tariffs concerning the import of aluminum and steel.

Another IP war is coming along the way where Trump claims that it is crucial to protect the US intellectual rights and to give more opportunities to American creativity. One way that Trump administration suggests is to give more powers to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. The committee will be able to reviews all foreign acquisitions, investments, and trading transactions. Nevertheless, a lot of American companies are not extremely happy about the new bill proposal as it might harm their trading transactions with their Chinese partners.

The administration also suggested putting more restrictions on students from certain countries who are currently studying in the US. Those who are studying in the fields of IT, science, engineering or Information technology will be facing more troubles in the future. Trump claims that this is to prevent the theft of American technology.

Trump’s trade policies are only part of this overall policy to make America great but lonely. His proposal to build a wall across the Mexican borders or to prevent immigrants from other countries only shows his idea of how to make the US a financial and economical unstoppable force. However, a significant percentage of the American people agrees with his ideas and thinks that the only way to development is to crush the competition.

Experts believe that such policies and statements only add more potential names to America’s list of enemies. With the overall situation reaching a boiling point, America would be extremely happy to receive help from allies. For instance, China is currently one of the main allies that the US should depend on in case the North Korean regimen puts any of its threats into action. Such trade policies will not do any side any in the long run.

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