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The Falling of Kim: What Will Follow

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There have been a lot of predictions about the fall of the Kim regime in North Korea. However, all of them proved to be false so far. Nevertheless, experts believe that it is destined to happen at some point due to the ever-growing conflict between North Korea on one side and South Korea and the US government on the other.

Although Kim Jong-un doesn’t plan to give up his ruling anytime soon, there are several issues that have to be thought of in case the regime falls. Moon Jae-in, the South Korean president, talks about a unified Korea stressing that it is an internal “Korean” issue. He believes that unified Korea should be under the leadership of the economically and politically developed south. Beijing is also concerned about such an event as most of the North Korean subjects will try to go to China, imposing more pressure on the Chinese middle class.

The issue of nuclear weapons is another subject that needs to be tackled. With billions of dollars on the stake, warlords might be able to use them building their own militias. South Korea, China, and the US will all be in a state of alert in order to deal with the chaos that will most likely follow.

The North Korean elites are now considering better alternatives although the threat of their execution by the Kim regime remains to be their biggest fear. The future remains to be uncertain but the collapse scenario is now closer to reality than ever before.

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